Sun or Bug Screens for your Home or Business

Insect ScreenIf you have windows in your home or a screened in patio, there can be times when the screen breaks. These screens play a vital role in keeping your porch protected. This is why it is important to get the screen fixed right away. There are a few things you should know about screen repair.

While you can go to your local home improvement store and pick up screen and replace the screen on your own, there are a few reasons to trust a professional. One is that the window screens need to be put in properly to keep them in place. This means having not only the right materials, but also the correct tools for the job.

Even if you have the right materials, you will still find that the job can be time consuming and difficult. A professional company can come in and take care of the job without any problem. Whether you need a couple screens replaced or the entire porch needs to be re-screened, they can give you the services you are looking for.

Another reason to look for a professional company is that they can provide you with higher quality screens than what you can buy in your local store. There are many different types of screens on the market to choose from, each with its own advantages. Having the right screen will help to meet your needs.

Suntex Solar ScreensYou should know about a screen product called Suntex. This is a great screen for helping to block 80 to 90% off all sunrays coming into your home. This can help to keep your energy costs down in the summer as your HVAC system will not have to work as hard. It also means you can spend more time on the patio as you will not have as much worry about getting burned.

You will find that Suntex products also come in many different colors. Rather than going with traditional black screens, you will have the option to go with a color that is more flattering to your home. You will still get the same sun blocking capabilities with the other colors, as the mesh is what provides the protection.

If you have an awning, you will find that there is even a Suntex product for you. They offer awning fabric that will block 80 to 90% of the light coming in. This can also help to keep your patio cooler and the sun out of your eyes while on the porch.

Bug screens in PeoriaThere are many different products on the market for window screens. They play a vital role in the home. For one, they will help to keep insects out of the home and off of the porch. While there are other ways that insects can get into a home, you can feel confident that they will not get in through the screen. With this, you will find that the screen helps to keep debris out of your home and patio. This is because the mesh helps to hold it out, which means less cleaning on your behalf.

Sun protection is another major benefit of window screens. Not only do they allow you to keep the glare of the sun rays at bay, they also help to keep cooling costs down. This is because the heat from the rays is emitted into the home if not properly blocked. This is part of what raises the temperature of the house when the weather is warm. By blocking out this heat, you can help to keep your energy costs down. This can be a great start if you are looking for ways to be more environmentally friendly in yoru everyday life.

There are many benefits to having window screens on all of your windows as well as your patio. Even if you currently have screens, if they are ripped or broken, you are not getting the full benefit from them. If you are considering replacing or repairing your screens, talk with a professional company today. They can help you find the right window screens for your needs.