$50 CASH Instantly w/ Windshield Insurance Claims

Windshield replacement no fault insurance incentiveReceive $50 Cash Back (at time of service) with any windshield replacement no fault insurance claim. Must carry $0 deductible glass replacement auto insurance coverage on your comprehensive insurance policy to qualify. We accept and honor all insurance company pricing structures so that there will never be any additional out-of-pocket costs for you or your insurance company.


By law, Arizona residents have the right to choose their windshield replacement facility. In fact, insurance agents, insurance representatives, and third-party claim representatives must notify of this right by law. However, often times, we see that insurance agents and representatives are not providing this information to you because they are receiving all the benefits (kickbacks) for referring you to the windshield repair shop of their choice.


Arizona is one of the few states that require insurance companies to offer full glass coverage on comprehensive insurance policies. In most cases, windshield insurance coverage is only a few dollars extra a month. Heck, you can more than cover the cost with one windshield replacement with us. Often times, your policy will have a higher deductible for accident repairs and a zero deductible for windshield replacements. Call us today or start your windshield insurance claim online and we will help you verify your policy coverage’s.