Milgard-Best Energy Efficient Windows

Best Energy Efficient Windows & DoorsSince the 1950’s, Milgard has been creating the best windows and door options for both residential and commercial properties. Today, they have moved on to be the best energy efficient windows and door manufacturer in the world. The company was founded with the goal of making the most durable windows and doors and they have definitely kept their focus through the years. Rather than being stagnant and never improving the product line, Milgard continually explores materials that will offer customers years of satisfaction.

The company also offers several product lines to make it easier for the customer to get what they want and need. You will find a wide variety of vinyl windows and doors, fiberglass windows and doors, and aluminum windows and doors. In addition, they have a nice variety of wood options to choose from as well. All the materials are top of the line quality and chosen for their durability so that when you buy a Milgard product, you can be certain it will last for many years. Many doors, such as sliding glass doors get a lot of use and therefore, it has to be solid in its construction, which is exactly what Milgard aims to do with all their products.


Vinyl Windows and DoorsVinyl Windows & Doors Peoria AZ

One of the greatest aspects of vinyl windows and doors is it is inexpensive yet very durable. In the past, there was a problem with expanding when during the hot summer months. Today, with modern advances the expansion doesn’t happen when heat welded joints and interior webs are added. Both windows and doors offer more stability during the hot summer days. Adding double pane windows to the frames is also something that makes a more energy efficient home or business.

Milgard offers four different vinyl window series:

* Tuscany Series: This style is meant to give a traditional look while still offering energy efficiency.

* Style Line Series: Offers a narrower frame so that the room receives more light from the sun.

* Montecito Series: This is the most durable and tough line that comes in a wide range of sizes and style for any remodel or construction job.

* Quiet Line Series: Energy efficient with noise control is what these windows offer.

The Milgard vinyl doors have the same series except there is no Quiet Line. If you’re not sure of the series that is right for you, a Milgard professional can certainly help you.

Aluminum Windows & Doors Aluminum Doors and Windows

Aluminum windows and doors have been around for many years mainly because of its durability and its strength makes it last for many years. Overall, it is a great value due to how long it lasts. Another great feature of aluminum is it will not deteriorate over time like wood often does. It is the best choice for homes or offices that are modern since the frames are thin and will allow more natural light inside. There are many color options to choose from as well.

The aluminum windows and doors have two series that Milgard offers.

* Standard Aluminum: This is a very stable aluminum and perfect for climates that are mild such as the Southwest. It is great for patio doors and windows.

* Thermally Improved Aluminum: For cooler climates, this thermal option offers an energy efficient break frame for windows. For  patio doors, especially sliding doors, this provides the best savings on energy.

Because the aluminum frames are thinner, it is less likely to obstruct your view when looking out windows, regardless of how many window panes there are.

Fiberglass Windows and DoorsFiberglass windows & doors by Milgard

Fiberglass is not a new material by any means, it has been used for years in other industries, but not in the window frames and door industry until recently. However, due to Milgrad’s innovation, the company has found a way to use this material to create window frames and French swing patio doors.

The performance, strength, and durability is what has always made fiberglass so attractive. It is highly energy efficient, very strong with the ability to hold large double pane windows easily. The material will not decay and does not expand and contract much with temperature changes. One of the best aspects of fiberglass is it’s maintenance-free. The frames comes in a wide array of colors and can be painted.

The fiberglass windows and doors have two series that Milgard offers.

* The Ultra Series: This gives a traditional look of frames but has all the strength and other great attributes of fiberglass.

* WoodClad Series: This offers the durability of fiberglass on the outside of the home and on the inside the beauty of wood. It it the perfect choice for homeowners that want strength and beauty.

Today, when you want the best energy efficient windows and doors in several different materials, turn to Milgard as you will find some of the most innovative designs in the industry.