Free Chip Repairs w/ any New Windshield Replacement

Finally there is some good news if you pick up a rock chip after your new car windshield is installed. If you have a windshield replaced with Peoria Windshield Replacement regardlAuto Windshield Repairess if you are paying for the windshield yourself or going through your insurance company, we will repair any future (repairable) rock chips for the life of your new windshield. Our windshield repairs are unlimited, meaning that if you pick up one or ten rock chips, we will come to you and repair them all for free. That’s right, for free. There is no charge to either you or your insurance company for this service. Peoria Windshield Replacement is the only company that offers this kind of unlimited lifetime rock chip warranty.


When you get car windshield repairs done, it will save you the cost and bother of having another windshield installed. The rock chip repair can be finished in less than a half hour. Furthermore, by having a car windshield repaired rather than replaced through your insurance company it will be one less claim on your insurance policy. Therefore, keeping your overall auto claims recordings low.


To perform a car windshield repair, the technician has to remove any air or dirt from the broken area and inject the crack with a clear resinous material. When the crack is filled, the substance is made hard by exposing it to ultraviolet light. This will restore the strength of the windshield and stop the crack from growing. All windshields are laminated, meaning made with two layers of glass with an inner vinyl sheet in between the glass layers. The windshield chip repair resin is injected between the layers of glass keeping the windshield structure together.


If a windshield crack is only two or three inches long, it can probably be fixed. The crack will not completely disappear, but it will look up to 70 % better. The size and longevity of the break will affect the overall appearance of the repair. The final success also depends on the location of the crack and whether or not there was a lot of debris in the crack. A windshield chip repair is a structural fix not a cosmetic one.


When a car windshield becomes pitted, this cannot be repaired because only the top layer of the glass is chipped and does not fully break the top layer of glass. Therefore, there is no room to inject repair resin in between the two layers of glass. Small pits on windshields are not really a threat to the windshield because they do not spread.