Mobile Car Window Tint

Car window tint does more than just look cool on a car.  Auto window tint can provide useful functions regarding personal safety and automobile sCar Window Tintecurity.  In fact, the right automobile window tinting can:

•    Help block the heat in warmer climate
•    Block ultraviolet rays
•    Reduce the amount of glare from the window
•    Reduce the amount of shattered glass in case someone does attempt to burglarize or steal your car




High Performance Smoke Plus Series

Grey dyed/metal construction for superior heat rejection

Average heat rejection 45%

Excellent optical clarity while reducing glare

Lifetime manufacturer’s warranty




Mobile Auto Tint PricesCar Window Tint

All window film shades same price


2 or 4 Door Sedan $170

2 or 4 Door Hatchback $180



Single Cab $130

Extended Cab $140

4 Door Crew Cab $160


Mini Van / SUV’s

Full Size $200

Mid Size or Minivan $190


Tint Removal

W/ Re-tint $50

W/O Re-tint $100


Note: Additional charges may apply for select sports vehicles with large and/or curved back glasses



There are many options available with auto window tint.  Your basic or standard tint should offer at least these following features:

•    Fade resistance

•    Peel resistance

•    Crack resistance

•    Adhesive reliability

•    Protection against delamination

You should also look for other features as you choose the right tint.  You want to look at how many shades and colors are available so that you can find something that does not ruin the look of your automobile.

The tinting should also be resistant to shrinking in the heat or suffering any other kinds of wear such as this.  You may also check to make sure your tinting is created from high impact materials that can increase the safety of your car in case of a collision.  Features such as a hybrid construction may also be important to you, so this may also be something you want to factor in regarding the materials used to produce the tinting.

Of course, you will also need to think about the grade or amount of tinting you can use on your car.  Although most tinting will guarantee you good or even superior optical quality, you need to consider how much visibility you will have and how much this will affect night driving.  For example, a 50% tint is the lightest and still gives you very good visibility from both inside and outside the automobile.  However, special cars such as limousines can legally go as low as 5% with the tinting all around the automobile.

Speaking of this, it is important that you know how much tinting you are legally allowed to have.  In the state of Arizona, private automobiles are legally allowed to have a 35% window tint on the two front doors of the car.  However, the doors behind the front can be any grade and any color you want.  Furthermore, you have to keep in mind that Arizona state law also states that the front windshield can only be tinted six inches from the top of the glass.

Whether you want to replace or enhance your car window tint, you should look for tinting that comes close to the factory tinting that works best with your car both aesthetically and functionally.  You should also make sure your tinting has a lifetime warranty just in case anything does go wrong with your product.  Your tinting is an important part of your car, so find the tinting that will enrich your automobile.